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Social phobia: a case study analysis of exportability for a cognitive-behavioral intervention in the clinical setting

24 July 1998


The cognitive-behavioral group treatment (CBGT) protocol developed by Heimberg (1991) has been one of the most widely studied and empirically supported psychosocial treatments for social phobia, however, little work has been done to evaluate the effectiveness of CBGT administered by clinicians in settings other than research centers. Previous research with individuals with social phobia has utilized only clinical populations which met strict criteria, and often excluded individuals with co-morbid disorders, to test treatment models. Considering the prevalence of social phobia and the serious life impairment associated with the disorder, effective treatment is an important health care issue. This thesis explores the applicability and effectiveness of Heimberg and
Becker's (1991) CBGT for social phobia administered in the clinical setting.


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