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The Creation and Production of "The Spectacle": A Choreographic Process

1 May 2014


[From the introduction]

Since 1768, circuses have been dazzling audiences around the world. Bringing together acts from every corner of the globe, circuses have long been associated with astonishing feats and an alluring atmosphere. There is a quality about the circus that people can’t help being drawn to. Some circus lovers attempt to define this quality: “There is that immediacy, the electricity in the air, the idea that real people are doing real things in real time. The [circus] ring is primitive and embedded into our psyche” (“History of the Circus”). For other circus goers, the source of the pull is less concrete. What is it about the circus that is so magnetic? Does it echo something already a part of us, or does it respond to some unspoken need inside us? What is it about the circus that sparks recognition in the human psyche? Is it the costumes and performers, or the allure of the music and ambiance? The mysterious draw to the circus is similar to the draw that attracts us to certain people; this intangible quality was used to explore aspects of personality and human behaviors and motivations in The Spectacle. The allure of the circus and my curiosity about various personality theories inspired my concept for the work, The Spectacle.


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