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Progressive Counting with Children and Adolescents

13 July 2018


Trauma impacts thousands of children every year. Trauma can lead to severe symptoms in some cases. There are several interventions that exist to help children process their trauma. Progressive Counting is a newly developed trauma intervention designed to be easily administered by a therapist and help children process their trauma without having to write or explicitly tell the full narrative of what occurred during the traumatic event. The current study utilized a single subject AB design to further examine the effectiveness of Progressive Counting. Visual analysis was conducted with the participant’s SUDS scores and the participant and her mother’s scores on the Youth Outcome Questionnaire 30.1. Results indicated that, while the participant’s self-report scores on the Y-OQ 30.1 did decrease, it could not be fully attributed to the intervention due to decreasing scores during the baseline (A) phase. Future research is needed to fully determine the effectiveness of the Progressive Counting Intervention.


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