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Effects of deinsurance on Alberta optometrists

1 May 1997


In January of 1995, basic vision examinations for patients aged 19 to 64 became deinsured in the province of Alberta. This deinsurance was the result of an effort by the Alberta Health Care Plan to cut back on escalating health care costs. The purpose of this thesis is to study the effects of deinsurance on Alberta optometrists. A survey (Appendix A) was mailed to all practicing optometrists in the province of Alberta one year post deinsurance. The effects of deinsurance were based on income and patient numbers, as well as opinions of whether optometrists would choose to he reinsured under Alberta Health Care. Results indicate that both income and patient numbers decreased one year after deinsurance but despite this, the majority of optometrists stated that they would not choose to return to being insured under Alberta Health Care.


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