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A principal's role in improving teacher morale: A teacher with high morale is a motivated teacher

1 July 1996


This study examines the influence a principal has on the morale of the teaching staff serving under his or her leadership and therefore-the motivation displayed by these educators. The teaching profession has been blamed for more and more ills in society, and the stresses placed upon teachers has escalated in the past decade. Many teachers claim the occupation is not as fulfilling as it was previously. To compensate for these demoralizing influences, it is therefore the task of the principal to do everything within his or her power to boost the morale of the teachers. This would in turn allow them to be motivated toward excellence in education, which should trickle down to the students, the future society in America. This study describes the efforts of one principal who has demonstrated success is increasing morale and motivation of those teaching in his school.


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