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Effect of cohesion in coactive groups

16 July 1996


This study determined that genuine team cohesion improved the success of high school wrestlers. A coactive sport was chosen because of the lack of research on these sports. A survey was designed that used a multidimensional perspective of team effectiveness including the following elements of team cohesion, player talent and attitude, technical and interpersonal coaching leadership, social cohesion, task integration, team identity, and the style of play. Ten wrestlers each, from eight high school teams were given the survey at their district meet. The scores from each element were compiled and compared on a team by team basis. The top three and bottom three finishers were compared in the stud to determine if any significant differences existed. The results demonstrate a group mean average of 9.9 points higher for the winning teams than the losing teams. Thus, team cohesion did have a positive effect in coactive groups.


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