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Visual profile of Romanian children and adults

22 May 1999


Epidemiological information was collected on 690 children and 190 adults on a recent eye care mission to Romania. Prevalence of refractive errors, binocularity and ocular health problems was recorded and evaluated. The data from the children population showed that 45% were emmetropic, 27% were myopic, and 28% were hyperopic. For the adults, 41% were emmetropic, 16% were myopic, and 41% were hyperopic. When compared to other nations, the average refractive error of the Romanian children was more myopic, and for the adults it was slightly more hyperopic. With-the-rule astigmatism had the highest occurrence when compared to other axis orientations, yet the overall occurrence of astigmatism was less than that found in other nations for both children and adults. The prevalence of strabismus and ocular disease was also shown to be less in the Romanian children in relation to other nations.


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