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Analysis of windsurfing injuries

1 August 1999


Objective: This paper will analyze the distribution of windsurfing injuries and examine if there have been any changes in the pattern of windsurfing injuries over the last ten years.

Design: A retrospective chart review of windsurfing injuries at Providence Hood Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. Two hundred and twenty charts were reviewed from April to September during years 1995-1998. Charts were reviewed for the following: type of injury, multiple injuries, date of date of occurrence, age, sex, cause of injury, and location of residence.

Results: Two hundred and twenty two charts were reviewed involving windsurfing· 1998 had significantly more injuries than any other year. More windsurfers required medical attention during the months of July and August. The most common types of injuries were Lacerations (36%), followed by contusions (21 %), and Fractures, (13.5%). Injured sailors ranged from ages 12-68 with a mean age of35. Out of the injured sailors 19.2% were females and 80.6% males.

Conclusions: Windsurfing injuries are relatively the same as they were ten years ago. The number of Foot strap injuries have decreased from 1995 -1998. Head and neck injuries occur at the same frequency. Foot/ankle and knee injuries have decreased slightly.


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