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The effects of damp on isokinetic measurements: A normative study

21 May 1989


During the last decade, isokinetic instrumentation has been used by clinicians and researchers to help quantify dynamic muscle I performance. The Cybex II isokinetic system (Cybex, Division of 1 Lumex Inc., 1980) has been a widely used instrumentation for such purposes. However, recent research and attention has focused upon the validity of such instrumentation and the need for identifying possible sources on intrinsic error. One such source of error, reviewed recently by Rothstein, Lamb, and Mayhew (1987) is the use of damp. Damp is a signal conditioning filter network that can be manually operated on the Cybex II strip-chart recorder. The importance of understanding the effects of damp on isokinetic measurements is critical if clinicians and researchers are to make meaningful use of isokinetic data.


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