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Question formation in young English language learners

1 October 2005


This paper investigates the question: do young English language learners {ELL) go through the same developmental sequences and question formation that young native English speakers go through. Knowing the developmental sequences that English language learners go through can help educators plan and implement a second language program that is both effective and supportive to the needs of a growing English language. learning population. This study was conducted in an urban school with a high ELL population. Students were asked to do a variety of tasks that demonstrated whether their level of English proficiency influenced their ability to form questions. The results support i the conclusion that there is some evidence that English language learners do go through the same developmental sequences in question formation as native speakers. The data suggest that a number of other factors that affect question foundation. Relevant variables include extent of exposure to target language, instruction or lack of instruction in question formation, and first language interference.


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