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The Clinical Usage of Ultrasound: A Survey of Oregon and Washington Physical Therapists

1 May 1999


This study was designed to investigate whether ultrasound was being used in a safe and effective manner by Oregon and Washington physical therapists who belong to the Orthopedic and Private Practice sections of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Information regarding the use of ultrasound in the clinical setting was gathered in a survey which was sent to 250 therapists belonging to the above population.

The results of the survey generally indicate that the target population is using ultrasound in a safe and effective means as supported by the current literature and law. The majority of those surveyed varied ultrasound parameters in the proper instances and used safe means of application. Many of the respondents utilized physical therapy aides in their practices and survey responses show that they were doing so in accordance with their state's practice laws. A handful of statistically significant associations existed between the demographic data and parameter choice. Associations also existed between the respondent's practice setting and the number of hours spent treating patients and the amount of ultrasound treatments performed each week.


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