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Weight quantification of deposits on hydrogel lenses: A clinical trial

1 May 1989


A new method for quantifying of soft contact lens deposits that causes minimal damage to the lens was investigated. Fourteen subjects were fit with Hydrocurve II 55% and Hydrocurve Elite contact lenses. Subjects wore one of each type of lens for three months and lenses were weighed three times (t= 0, 1, 3 months). Lenses were assessed for fitting charicteristics and comfort after each weighing. Six subjects completed the study for three months. Eight of the subjects were dropped from -the study because of decreased lens comfort, torn lenses and contact lens optical problems. Weight data from the six subjects who completed the study were analyzed with one factor repeated measure ANOVA p < 0.05. Hydrocurve II 55% lenses gained a significant amount of weight over the three months while the Hydrocurve Elite did not. We feel that a fifty-seven percent drop-out rate is acceptable for this quantification method. The method (with refinement) has value for future use in contact lens material and solution research.


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