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The effects of training on eye-body reaction/response time

1 April 1987


Reaction/response times are important in most sporting activities. It is hypothesized that by enhancing eye/hand abilities there will be a corresponding change in specific visual and visually-guided skills related to peak athletic performance. A visual enhancement training program utilizing the EyeSpan, an eye-hand coordination training device, was evaluated for its effect on eye/body reaction time (RX), motor response time (MR) and total response time (RP). The RX's, MR's and RP's of 48 subjects were measured under identical conditions before and after a training program. Twenty-four experimental subjects participated in a three week training program involving a minimum of fifteen 5-minute sessions with the EyeSpan. The other twenty-four subjects served as the control for the study. After the training program, results indicated a significant difference (P< .003) between control and experimental groups in eye/body response time ( a measure of overall quickness). This corresponds to a 4% improvement in experimental subjects' response time following training. It appears that by enhancing eye/hand abilities there is to some degree a transference to another visually guided process, eye/body response time.


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