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Contact lenses in the emergency room

8 February 1979


Eight hospitals in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area were surveyed with respect to techniques utilized by emergency room personnel in identifying patients wearing contact lenses and the subsequent removal and storage of these lenses. Hospital sizes ranged from 48 beds to 554 beds. In general, the results indicated that the single weak area in lens detection, removal, and storage for hard and soft lenses, is the lack of information with respect to soft lens storage solutions. Appropriate soft lens storage procedures were not known by all hospitals. Emergency room directors of smaller hospitals stated however that few, if any, individuals wearing contact lenses (hard or soft) were seen in an emergency room setting. Results of the survey also found that having cants.ct lens wearers be identified as such on their driver's license would not necessarily facilitate operations of the emergency room personnel since law officials at the accident site often temporarily kept these driver's licenses.


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