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Amazing Grace - Artist Research Paper

1 May 2014


[From the introduction]

In a few sentences, my artist statement is that my religious faith is an important part of who I am as a person and as an artist. I believe God created order, love, light and life which are my favorite things that I try to incorporate into my art. My goal is to make a lasting legacy as a gift to try to make the world a better place and show its beauty.


The overall composition of my body of art can be described as a multi-studio artist with a focus on spiritual positive encouraging works. As an older student I have had formal training in Art, history drawing, design, and stain glass sculpting, sculpting glass, and painting glass on glass. For my career here at Pacific University I concentrated my focus on photography. I began seeing beauty in photographing nature in my own backyard beauty in seeing art in the landscapes. It began out of coping with and separate the destruction left on the land by capturing lighter beautiful living subjects. It helped that I had some past photographic relationships on the land where I live. Photographing wilderness landscapes and portraits were something entirely new to me. So I studied the subject and my mentors shared their knowledge. I was willing to learn from making mistakes in once-in-a-lifetime shots. Eventually I accumulated enough experience to begin to express my own creative voice that I hope my images represent.


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