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Quality Assessment of the Essential Health Clinic through Staff and Patients; Assessment of the Referral System for Specialty Care through the Essential Health Clinic; Clinical Standing Orders for Disbursement of Cold/Allergy/GI/Minor Pain Packs

1 August 2005


This descriptive research study looks at a variety of components of the Essential Health Clinic.

Objective: 1) To assess quality management assessment for the Essential Health Clinic based on both staff and patient views. 2) To assess the referral system for specialty care for patients of the Essential Health Clinic, and increase the referral sources throughout the community. 3) To develop standing orders for triage nurses to use for disbursement of cold/allergy/gastrointestinal (G1) and minor pain packs to patients presenting to the clinic with minor complaints.

Design: A descriptive research stlidy with an administrative emphasis.

Methods: 1) Patient satisfaction surveys were administered over a two week period with Likert style questions along with a provided space for written comments on how to improve the system(s) of the Essential Health Clinic. Volunteer surveys with Likert style questions were mailed with an enclosed return envelope that had been . addressed with postage provided. 2) The referral system was reviewed and evaluated based on specialty. Local physicians were contacted by mail or phone with emphasis of the need for an increased number of referral contacts for the Essential Health Clinic, expectations of referred patients, a contact for that clinic, and the number of patients that they are willing to take on a monthly basis was obtained. 3) Development of standing orders regarding prepackaged OTC medications were done providing the triage nurse the ability to distribute cold/allergy/GI/minor pain packs without the patient being seen by a medical provider at the clinic. .

Conclusions: 1) As expected satisfaction surveys of the clinic reveal, that both clinic volunteers and the patients who utilize the services of the Essential Health Clinic . continue to be at the higher end of the satisfaction scale. 2) The list of community physicians willing to participate in either the ongoing or specialty care needs of patients of the EHC. 3) The standing orders for disbursement of cold/allergy/GI/minor pain packs were created for the EHC and accepted and signed off by the EHC medical coordinator. Allowing triage nurses the ability to distribute the packs without the patient seeing an on-site provider.


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