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Evaluation of implementing a women's health fair in a family practice clinic

1 August 2003


Objective: To evaluate whether the implementing of a Women's Health Fair in a Family Practice Clinic can be effective, informative and financially beneficial to that clinic. This project reviewed information gathered from completed health fair evaluation forms, to assess if the event was informative and effective for the attendees. To determine if there was a financial benefit to the clinic, new patients were asked to fill out a referral survey t6 show whether advertising for the Women's Health Fair or the event itself brought them to the clinic. Research was done at Maple Street Clinic, Forest Grove, Oregon.

Data Sources: Data was gathered from anonymous health fair evaluations completed by the participants and from new patient referral surveys in the clinic. There were no exclusions in this project.

Study Selection: The new patient referral source included all new patients to Maple Street Clinic beginning the first day of advertising for the Women's Health Fair. All completed health fair evaluation forms were included.

Results: Forty two completed health fair evaluation forms were collected during the event. Three in Spanish and the remaining thirty nine were English speaking participants. The overall rating of the event was excellent except for the waiting time for the health screenings. Sixty six cholesterol and eighteen Diabetes screenings were performed. Forty bone density screenings were completed before the machine failed. The New Patient Referral Survey had an outcome of friend/family- 47, Health Fair- 0, Advertisement- 2, Phone Book-4, and Other-28.

Conclusion: The first annual Women's Health Fair at the Maple Street Clinic was determined to be a success. Attendance was approximately 100 persons who participated in the basic health screenings, lectures and health exhibits. Many attendants discovered health problems unknown to them prior to the event. Those that filled out the evaluations stated from the information gained they were going to make changes in their lives and see their provider.


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