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Drama in social studies

1 June 1997


The use of drama as a medium for teaching social studies in a sixth grade classroom was the focus of this research proposal. The chief objective for using drama in the classroom is experience. Through this experience, we can measure the growth and development of a student, and as a result, better meet that student's needs (Siks, 1958). Siks goes on to say that by meeting these needs, we give students the tools to grow, develop and work together in society. The reviews to follow will provide insight and background on the use of "Drama" in the learning environment. In formulating my research questions, I wanted to find answers that were practical, obtainable and applicable to the school environment. My goal was to study and research situations that could easily be applied to the classroom environment. The questions are as follows: How can drama be incorporated into a sixth grade Social Studies curriculum? 1) What effect does a dramatic approach to teaching social studies have on students' enthusiasm to work? 2) What do students learn from this approach compared to a traditional approach? 3) What significant changes might a teacher experience preparing for and applying drama in the classroom?


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