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Athletics in the high school and their influence on students

13 December 1995


"I've had two kids in my coaching career, and they have both been former players and strictly because I coached them, come to me and tell me they were pregnant. They came to me! That's a huge step and I don't think if I hadn't coached them there's no way I would have had that conversation with them. They wanted help and advice. So, to me I know that wouldn't have happened just here in the classroom. I shouldn't say/that cause it might, but it hasn't and it's happened twice in coaching" says Coach Ell. This is just one example of the unique relationship between a coach and player. Evidence suggests students learn valuable skills from athletics. Evidence also shows a positive relationship between students involvement in athletics and the students grades, future aspirations, and staying in school. There is not sufficient evidence to support incorporating athletics into the core curriculum. Doing so would cause athletics to lose its value because participation would be required not voluntary. Even still losing athletics to budget cuts could be devastating.


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