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The effectiveness of the tilt in space system to alleviate buttock pressure

1 May 1994


The purpose of this study was to compare different angles of tilt (5°, 15°, 30° and 45°) to determine at what position pressure relief was most effective. Five 'subjects with spinal cord injuries (SCI) at the C6, to T6 levels and twenty-one able bodied subjects were seated in atilt in space wheelchair. The Force Sensing ArrayTM system was used to measure pressure in mmHg at the body/seat interface. Mean pressure values were significantly greater over the right ischial tuberosity for both subject groups. There was a significant difference in pressure exerted at the body/seat interface between the subject groups. A significant decrease occurred for both groups at positions greater than 15o of tilt with 45o having the greatest decrease. On average, the SCI group experienced 1.1-2.1 times the pressure over all positions in comparison to the able bodied group.


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