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An evaluation of empirically fitting soft-contact lenses, using the Coopervision Frequency 55 toric lens

1 November 2003


Purpose: The optical outcomes of empirically-fit toric soft contact lenses were evaluated.

Methods: Thirteen subjects (18 eyes) with refractive astigmatism equal to or greater than 1.50D were empirically fit with the Cooper Vision 's Frequency 55 Toric soft contact lens. The ultimate lens prescription was based solely on manifest refraction, horizontal visible iris diameter, and central keratometric readings. Optical outcome was defined based on high and low-contrast visual acuity findings, both through the manifest refraction and through the contact lenses.

Results: 72% of eyes examined obtained acuities at least as good as that obtained through the optimal manifest refraction. A further 11% of eyes obtained acuities within 0.1 LogMAR unit of the acuity obtained through the optimal manifest refraction.

Conclusion: These results are comparable with previously reported empirical and diagnostic success rates, and imply that empirical fitting represents a good first approach to fitting soft toric contact lenses. Introduction


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