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Comparison of eccentricity between spherical corneas and with-the-rule corneas

1 May 2003


This study tried to determine if there is a relationship between eccentricity of spherical corneas and astigmatic with-the-rule corneas, as well as whether there is a relationship between eccentricity and the amount of WTR astigmatism. Two hundred and one corneal topographys were obtained and analyzed from the Humphrey Atlas corneal topographer at Pacific University College of Optometry. For each cornea in the study, flat and steep keratometric readings were recorded as well shape factor, from which eccentricity was derived. No statistically significant relationships were found between eccentricity and any of the variables that it was compared to. The findings suggest that eccentricity values are independent of other corneal characteristics, and may not be predicted based on other corneal parameters.


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