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Motivation: A qualitative study

30 June 1995


Motivation: A Qualitative Study is a paper designed to explore ways in which students are motivated to learn. My purpose in conducting this study was to explore possible ways students become motivated to learn so that teachers can become familiar with different strategies to meet students motivational needs. This paper is comprised of four different parts that help explain how students are motivated to learn and what teachers can do to motivate them. Part one is a review of the literature. Motivation is a topic that interests many, as this topic is well documented. "What the Researchers Say" cover different theories and beliefs people have about motivation. Part two, "What the Students Say" explores motivation in further detail and presents information obtained from students currently attending public schools. Having accessed this information, I was able to discover that what current students say about motivation parallels the beliefs and theories presented by motivational researchers. The third and final part of Motivation: A Qualitative Study explores strategies teachers can use to help motivate their students. Some of the strategies documented in this study I witnessed in classrooms, while others were presented to me by elementary and middle school teachers. Some of these strategies are discussed in detail and include a planning guide to assist teachers interested in I implementing these strategies. "What the Teachers Can Do" is an important part of this study, and when managed appropriately, the strategies discussed can have results that raise students' quality and quantity of learning.


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