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Piano Roll Scans [An Online Music Archive]

1 January 2011


Over 400 player piano rolls, some dating back before 1900, have been digitally scanned and converted to MIDI music files and placed online for global access and enjoyment. Piano rolls are one of the earliest forms of music recording in the United States and the site makes them available for perpetuity. A wide range of genres and performers are sampled playing works from Classical Etudes to 1920's Chicago Blues. All musical works represented on the site are in the public domain and date from before January 1st, 1923. The site also offers background information on the scanning process and information for those wishing to learn more about player piano rolls or venture into the hobby of collecting rolls. The website is offered as a free, not-for-profit resource for students, faculty and music lovers to enjoy this great long-forgotten piece of American History.


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