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A survey of parents with maotor impaired children: Their perceptions of treatment and home care

1 May 1989


In order to study parent's perceptions of parent/therapist communication, a survey was given to parents participating m occupational or physical therapy at Shriners Hospital or the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center in Portland, Oregon. The children were receiving therapy from at least one NDT certified therapist. Twenty-six surveys were sent to parents and fifteen were returned. The survey addressed parent's perceptions of their treatment experience and how well they were able to manage home care responsibilities. Statistically, a negative correlation (-.50) was found between parent age and parent's perception of their treatment experience. Parent age also appeared to be a negative indicator (.41) of parent's perception of home care; however, this was not statistically significant. Other factors that were not significant statistically, but showed correlation above .4 were the number of children in the family and the number of treatment sessions attended. The number of children showed a negative correlation; where as, the number of treatment sessions showed a positive correlation.


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