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Research Article

Message Music a Universal Genre

8 December 2018


Message Music is a collaboration of music from many different genres, that is meant to communicate universality, and bring about healing for individuals, couples, families, groups, and the community. It has a global message, and we are one. Finding its roots in an eclectic collection of folk, spiritual, gospel, blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, Motown, Fusion, Metaphysical or other genres "Message Music," transcends all genres and allows people to join in a universal quest to unite and find collective consciousness and way of being together that brings acceptance and love. It has always existed, in some circles, it will be described as "the message in the music, or music with a message," but defining it simply as "message music" enables the listener to participate without creating the image of religion or an affiliation to a social organization that defines the music. In this manner, the music allows one to rise above and engage in a personal journey that unites both the internal and the external experience. Music evokes memories with a range of emotions and social meaning. There are times music communicates messages that we do not have words to describe. Music happens within the context of culture and creates a time capsule of what was occurring at the moment the music was recorded.


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