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Multimedia in the elementary school classroom

13 July 1994


The purpose of this qualitative study was to question, explore and examine the uses of multimedia tools in the elementary classroom. For years experts have touted the uses of computers and multimedia as an educational tool. This study investigates the elementary classroom teacher's perceptions of this teaching and learning tool, the uses for this type of technology in the classroom, and the factors that teachers believe help them use multimedia for teaching and learning. The literature review provides a background of the uses of multimedia, and addresses the instructional issues surrounding the effective use of technology in the elementary classroom. The Apple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) study was cited as a baseline by which teacher use of technology could be evaluated. This study focused on three classroom teachers who were interviewed and observed. The classroom teachers were using a variety of multimedia tools. The questions and observations were focused on the use of these technology tools. This study found that teachers perceive multimedia tools to be an effective teaching and learning technology. It enhanced the students' involvement in their learning, put the student in position of being a teacher as well as a learner, and was highly motivational to all learners. Teachers felt that if a particular multimedia tool was to be successful, it must fit into their current curriculum, and be interesting to the students. Factors of success included, training support for teachers, administrative support, parent support and many computers and pieces of software.


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